We Are Here to Help Protect Your Loved Ones

As we age, our needs and the needs of our family members evolve. In order to be prepared for the possibility of needing long-term care, senior housing or different medical care, it is important to start planning now.  We can help you or an elderly loved one prepare for the challenges and expenses that come with aging. By taking the time to explain your options and understand your goals, elder law attorneys can find the right solution for you.

We will aggressively protect your rights and will guide your appointed caregiver if the need arises:

  • Special needs trusts protect those with disabilities by legally separating certain assets, such as gifts and lawsuit settlements, from ordinary income, thus ensuring continuation of benefits through government programs.
  • Guardianship advocacy weighs concerns about ability to function independently with an individual’s right to make reasoned decisions for himself or herself.
  • Medicaid planning is necessary for smooth transition from Medicare to government medical assistance for those of low income and few assets. Mistakes and inaccuracies can prove costly.
  • Long-term care planning offers peace of mind when you need long-term nursing care.
  • Nursing home, assisted living: Choosing a nursing home or assisted living facility setting may be the best choice. Find out why.
  • Asset preservation planning is vital for seniors concerned about outliving their savings.
  • Planning for VA aid attendance eligibility can increase your monthly income by up to $1,949.
  • Guardianship litigation is necessary in certain situations. Whether you are considering an intervention or seeking to cancel or change a current guardianship order, we have the expertise and experience to gain a favorable ruling.
  • Social Security benefits help bridge financial gaps. We specialize in application and appeals for retirement, Medicare, disability, family or survivor benefits.
  • Medicare benefits pay for acute care such as hospitalization, physicians, treatment and  medical equipment.